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It’s safe to say that Chip and Joanna Gaines is the first home improvement couple. With Joanna’s talent in decorating and Chip’s comfortable workmanship, their passions have merged since they tied the knot in 2003. Although they finished their hit show HGTV Fixer Upper After the fifth season, we are ready to argue, they have some more fun projects and surprises for us (especially now that their new baby has arrived!). Here is all you need to know about the founders of the Magnolia Market.

  • The chip is several years older than Joanna.

Chip was born on November 14, 1974, he was 43 years old. Joanna was born on April 19, 1978, she was 40 years old.

  • 2. They both went to Baylor University, but did not meet there.

Chip graduated in 1998 with a degree in marketing and business administration, and Joanna in 2001 with a degree in communication.

  • 3. Chip saw Joanna in the photo before meeting her, and immediately realized that she was “alone”.

Before the couple met in 2001, Chip often visited the Firestone tire shop owned by Joanna’s father. “Her dad made a mistake by putting a family photo behind the counter in his store,” said Chip Pop Sugar. Chip admitted that he returned to the store until he got a chance to meet Joanna.

You never know, Joanna was going to fall in love with his sense of humor – and the rest is history. But even though they are still #couplesgoals, they are not shy about recognizing difficulties in maintaining a happy relationship. “There is no such thing as a perfect marriage,” Chip said in a tweet. “For me it was always simple: a commitment.”

  • 4. The couple married in Waco.

On May 31, 2003, Chip and Joanna tied the knot in Earl-Harrison’s home.

  • 5. Joanna initially opened Magnolia Market as her own business.

But Chip soon set about building a multifaceted company, including Magnolia Homes and Magnolia Realty.

  • 6. They named their company after Magnolia for a reason.

“Do you know what’s interesting about magnolia?” He told his children in an episode of Fixer Upper, “One of the first encounters of my mother and me climbed onto a magnolia tree, removed a magnolia flower from her and gave her a present.”

  • 7. Chip turned his first house upside down while he was still in college.

Meanwhile, Joanna did not turn over at home until she met Chip. “As soon as I caught the concept of buying something underestimated, then to increase its value and sell it for profit, I was also hooked,” she told HGTV.

  • 8. Their families fully supported them when they acquired the top retainer as the first home after tying the knot.

“They saw some pretty bad houses that we bought … to be honest, they didn’t scare them, mainly because the land was so beautiful,” the couple told HGTV.

  • 9. They use their glory forever.

The couple often donate to presidencies such as St. Jude and the Tim Tebow Foundation. The chip even chopped off its long locks once for a good job!

  • 10. They have five children.

Chip and Joanna greeted their fifth child, Cru’s son, in June 2018. Siblings of a newborn, Drake, 

13 years old, Ella, 12 years old, Duke, 9 years old, and Emmy Kay, 8 years old, like to spend time with her baby, brother, and mom Joanna can Do not stop capturing sweet moments.



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