All You Need To Know About Leather Gun Holsters

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A leather gun holster is the oldest type of holster made in the world. The basic job of a holster is to store and protect the gun, while also providing quick access and comfort. Owing to its sturdiness, aesthetics, and durability, among other qualities, leather becomes the most loved raw material for holsters. 

Due to this very reason, it is evident that leather gun holsters form the largest share of the holster industry. The world of holsters is big. It is interesting to know the size and expanse of the industry. 

Industry Size 

With a considerable CAGR of 5.70%, the worldwide holster industry is anticipated to grow. Due to increased investment in the defense sector, the holster market is expanding internationally. The need for holsters is progressively growing as more people utilize firearms.  The demand for the product may be hampered by strict environmental laws and controls on the materials used to make holsters.

Due to its appealing look and versatility of being molded into different colors and shapes, leather has traditionally been used to make pistol holsters. With a market share of 43.9%, leather gun holsters are the most popular, followed by nylon, plastic, and other materials. The leather market sector is anticipated to continue to have the largest market share. The market leader is North America, followed by the Asia Pacific and Europe. With a rising number of gun owners, the U.S. is dominating the North American market, followed by Canada.

Types of Leather Gun Holsters: 

Leather Gun Holsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are essentially available to suit the needs of all kinds. With time, they are becoming more modernized. 

The typical definition of a handgun holster is based on where it is carried. According to this definition, belt holsters, waistline holsters, shoulder holsters, and ankle holsters are the most popular types of holsters. 

The belt holster is the most often used kind of handgun holster marketed. The fundamental distinction between waistband and belt holsters is how the holster is secured. Waistline holsters are clipped into position either within the waistband or outside the waistband (referred to as OWB) (IWB).

An inside-the-waistband holster is fastened to a belt or jeans at the waist using a clip. IWB holsters’ major drawback is that they are difficult to use. The ability to swiftly remove an OWB holster is one of its key benefits. The paddles make them huge and heavy as well. 

Another category is concealed or open carry. Contrary to concealed carry holsters, which are often worn within the waistline, carried in pockets, or fastened to the ankles, open carry holsters are visible to onlookers and are not covered by clothes.

Reason for the Popularity of Leather Gun Holsters:

It is possible to emboss, color, and sew leather pistol holsters. Leather is soft and comfy, making it ideal for tiny pockets and waistline holsters. Additionally, it doesn’t chafe or irritate the skin. A well-made leather holster will last a lifetime. Last but not least, the scent of genuine leather is a wholly unique natural and organic perfume.

The sheer versatility provides leather gun holsters with the well-deserved status of being the topmost choice.


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