Cloud desktop DaaS: what is it and what are the advantages?

With recent technologies, and global demands in action, it becomes more and more natural to use Desktop Virtualization or DaaS (desktop as a service). Within this scenario, cloud desktop or cloud computing is a technology that has been gaining space in a home office scenario, providing a desktop remotely. Along with software (SaaS), infrastructure and backup (IaaS) and platforms (PaaS), it brings facilities to the new normal. Continue reading the article and learn more about the cloud desktop solution.

Desktop as a service (DaaS)

Before showing the advantages of desktop as a service, let us understand what DaaS is. DaaS in IT is like an outsourcing of several devices for the company. With that, it guarantees flexibility in expenses. DaaS or Desktop as a Service is a service that provides applications and virtual desktops under a license. This license is a monthly subscription, which makes the devices expenses and not investments.

Thus, maintenance and repair costs are borne by the service provider, who manages the backup and data storage as well. In addition, it is who guarantees the updating of software and data security. Of course, the biggest highlight of cloud desktop model is the scalability it allows, as DaaS you can expand or reduce the service according to your demand. With that, you pay exactly for what you use.

What are the types of DaaS in computing?

Within DaaS, there are two types of desktops. The first is the persistent desktop, designed for users who need to customize the device, with a permanent appearance after login. The second is the non-persistent desktop, intended for access by temporary employees, visitors or contractors. 

For a company to provide the DaaS solution, it must have a physical structure and Cloud Computing. Thus, the main examples of DaaS are – HP, Apple, Microsoft, among other hybrid companies.

The advantages of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

There is a reason ‘Desktop as a Service’ has become a popular choice among businesses. Check them all out now.

It is a modern, flexible and robust option

DaaS is the premier remote technology option, providing the tools and applications needed to get the job done. Through Desktop as a Service Applikation, it is possible for everyone to have their device without major expenses for the company.

Cost control is another guaranteed fact

Speaking of large expenses, cloud desktop allows you to move Capital expenditure costs to operating expenses, which allows savings on the company’s initial expenses. Furthermore, it makes workforce expansion predictable in costs. The DaaS provider itself provides services such as updating and maintenance of the system, without any hidden costs. It allows you to extend your organization’s desktop and laptop refresh cycle. Finally, it even serves as a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy, reducing corporate spending on devices.

Business scalability makes your business profitable

As part of the virtual workplace model, you only pay for what you use, which allows for greater scalability of the business. You can quickly add or delete workstations on demand. You can create or delete a desktop as needed, giving you more power in the business.

Control without excessive restriction

Speaking of greater power, Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to manage infrastructure risks without limiting employees’ workspace and time. You control the essentials, such as data and compliance policy, without excessive restriction.

Centralized management

DaaS or Cloud Desktop in computing eliminates a big problem – device decentralization. Through Device as a Service, you can operate all devices through a central image. If you perform a central change, all other devices are upgraded. There is no need to standardize hardware builds for each employee.

Greater security

While the idea of ​​having hundreds of available devices seems risky, Desktop as a Service removes this security risk. All these devices are located in a centralized environment, controlled and managed by the provider. With this, there is no risk of lost or stolen data, as well as no more need for Virtual Private networks. Furthermore, the backup is constantly performed by the cloud service provider.

Brings a quality platform

A quality DaaS service has an excellent team of professionals capable of managing and maintaining the platform. They allow constant security and updating of the system, which guarantees optimal performance for your company.

DaaS in computing can already be considered a more efficient virtualization option for the future. Although Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a more mature technology, it is limited in terms of scalability and performance. You can see this in the DaaS advantages we have introduced. Now it is up to you to make the best choice. There are still companies that are unable to use SaaS and PaaS due to their Microsoft Windows-based technology.


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