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If you are the owner of a weak PC, then you probably came across something that could interfere with your comfortable game. Various lags, friezes, freezes, in this article there are tips that optimize the system for performance, increase performance in cs, which will allow you to fully enjoy the game process. You also have to take the help of the csgo boosters service now.

  • Fps – The number of frames per second, depending on the power of the computer.

Graphics display quality

Most professional players sacrifice the quality of drawing graphics, put all indicators at a minimum level to increase productivity. Every split second in sports cs can decide the outcome of the round. A very simple way to increase the FPS is to set the minimum graphics settings in the game.

CS: GO launch options for raising FPS

Go to the Steam client library

Click the right mouse button on Counter Strike: Global Offensive and go to the properties.

Click Set launch parameters and enter the commands below.

Commands to increase FPS in CS: GO

  • -console – enable the console.
  • -novid – disable the screen saver before starting the game.
  • + exec “name of the config.cfg file” – automatically includes the config you selected.
  • -high – turn on the game with high priority.
  • -full – full screen mode when the game starts.
  • + cl_cmdrate 128 – maximum number of packets sent to the server, per second.
  • + cl_updaterate 128 – maximum number of requested packet updates from the server, per second.
  • -noforcemspd – synchronizes the speed of the windows mouse with the game.
  • -threads – the number of processor cores used by the game.
  • -tickrate 128 – refresh rate – from the server, per second.

Cleaning your computer from junk


  • A lightweight, easy-to-use program that optimizes the operation of the windows system, cleansing the computer of unnecessary debris that an inexperienced user can handle.

Improving windows system performance

  • We open the Start menu and in the search bar we enter: Visual Effects .
  • We select Setup of representations and system performance .
  • Push: Provide the best performance .
  • Driver updates for nvidia / amd graphics card
  • Driver – synchronizes, adjusts the video card with the system for higher performance. You can install the new drivers for your nvidia / amd video card


You can write your results of increasing FPS before and after this article or evaluate the article you have read to improve quality.

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Computer Optimization and FPS Enhancement in CSGO – Counter

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