Greater Supports for SEO Works in Website Now

It’s a mega killer, and one you’ve probably heard a million times, but it’s still completely true. Provide great content on your website. Write informative blogs and go further than your competitors. Ask your (potential) customers what they are struggling with and provide solutions.

When writing, make sure you keep the language simple. Google interprets your website based on your words, and in that Google is very literal. If you use nice metaphors, then Google doesn’t understand this very well. For the proper website seo this is important now.

If you do business in a certain region, then also state the location of your company in your texts. So not only a term like ‘under the smoke of x’, but the specific place name, province and region.

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Use good search terms

You want your website to score highly on relevant search terms. Preferably keywords that sell (not search terms with ‘free’ or ‘cheap’ in them, but with ‘buy’ or ‘best’). And as a starting entrepreneur you have to deal with competition: your website has little authority in the eyes of Google and you will therefore not score high on keywords with a high search volume (and a lot of competition) for the time being.

The solution is long tail keywords

These are keywords with little search volume, but often with little competition. You can score reasonably easily with a new website. If your website is a few years older, you can focus on the more popular search terms, but first look for the long tails.

Just like every entrepreneur, you want more conversion on your landing pages, meet the expectations of your target group and be easy to find online.

Of course you have a lot of knowledge about your service, product or field, but to put this into words properly, it is quite a challenge.

You also want to be able to focus on the core business within your company. It is not for nothing that more and more companies are having SEO texts written.

Good plan, but you also know what to take into account when engaging an online marketing agency.

Make sure there is information about your company on the website

It all seems so obvious, but I continue to be surprised about requests that come in for writing SEO texts.


Example: a company in the offshore, without a website that wants to write an ‘about us’ page. At such a moment I ask myself: “How then?”

As an entrepreneur you know more about your own company than the agency, don’t you? Don’t have a website live yet? Then provide relevant information. Even if it is a list of USPs, mission or vision. But how does your company distinguish itself from the competition? The customer wants to know that.


Peter Thompson: Peter, a futurist and tech commentator, writes about emerging technology trends and their potential impacts on society.

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