Is Crypto the Future of Finance — CatCoin

Catcoin is community-driven crypto that is well known across the globe and has the vision of getting praise for cats worldwide is growing each day with a quite impressive steady pace. Miaoshi Nekomoto founded this platform in November 2021, with a market cap of approximately $20,000, reaching 70 million. After the launch, it was owned by a community and is now well known by the members. All the members work as the CatCoinArmy of several volunteers establishing the CatCoin as the Zen meme coin in the world. 

CatCoin’s new contract upgrade provides the functionality & security on its crypto platform. In addition to being a renounced contract, each decision made with the marketing wallet for project expenditures must go through a multi-signature wallet controlled by fully doxed team members. The multi-signature wallet allows CatCoin to make significant power moves, further pushing it to become more well known.

The purpose for the up-gradation of the policies of Catcoin was to improve the contract with several utilities, such as: 

 * Marketing Wallet

  * Hybrid DAO voting

  * Reflections for $CATS holders

  * Staking Pools

  * NFT collections (with integrated utility)

  * Interactive / education crypto games

  * Applications

  * And much more to come!

The team of Catcoin now comes from very diversified fields, which helps the platform’s progress to reach success even faster. Some core members are profile project leaders, senior business executives, speakers, animators, graphic designers, and blockchain tech & security. The areas that the members are coming from include, primarily, cryptocurrency. 

With the primary focus on Ethereum, the team wants to expand further to alternative chains for Catcoin. They are launching the mirror bridge token etc. Since mirror tokens will require a strong liquidity pool, this will not occur until the appropriate amount of funds is acquired to launch. 

The deflationary cryptocurrency is a class apart token which was originally a coin but got converted into a token, making it highly adaptable to various new horizons of investing in assets, currencies, or rewards for performing any task over the blockchain. The concept of tokenization enables numerous digital ventures and projects to flourish and make their presence felt among investors and masses alike.

Another magnificent aspect of Catcoin is that 97 percent of its token is available for the general investor community, and the remaining three percent is reserved for marketing purposes. Based on a stable 8 percent charge on every sale, the total costs are bifurcated, with 6 percent being reserved for liquidity. The soaring token is hitting new highs, with more investors tapping into this futuristic token. The vision of the team behind Catcoin is to launch DAO Catdex and other projects to serve the Catcoin community better.

Knowing about Catcoin before investing in it is intelligent; gather as much information as possible. That awareness, later on, would help you with the profits, and you will get an appreciation for your work as well.

Please note: that many copies of the Catcoin token are in the market. Make sure you visit to pick the right one.


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