SEO hacks for those with little money

It is important to turn your website into a brand. You can do this by making your website faster. This can be done using some advanced tools which can boost your SEO. To make sure you have good traffic to your website, you need to improve the SEO rankings of your website. To stand out from the rest, you need to do something very different and unique from your competition. One way is to buy SEO links. You can do so even if you are having little to no money. The following SEO hacks are surely going to give a huge boost to your organic traffic search.

Use free SEO tools

It might sound very obvious but they are very few people who make use of free SEO tools. It is important to know that not all SEO tools need not be paid for. There are some good SEO tools which you can check out. Some of the popular ones include those of Google such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool. Google Analytics provides acquisition reports on the search queries which are performing well in the SERPs. You will be regularly updated with the status of your website using the Acquisition reports. The Google Webmaster Tool provides similar testing tools and ad experience report. It also provides some important information such as page speed insights and structured data testing. The Search Console is a great tool. The search console reports URL errors which if fixed early can provide a great boost to your SEO. You can also opt to buy SEO links.

SEMRush is another such tool which lets you monitor your site as well as the site of your competitor. This enables you to know what your competitor is doing and where you stand against them. You get all the information right from the number of organic search visitors to keyword rankings. This competitive analysis will motivate you to work harder for your website.

Go through comments

Comments can be a gold mine for your website if you know what to look for. There are various reasons for this. The first being that, more number of comments or conversations on your post increases the visibility of your website. You could also read comments on certain pages and get a relevant backlink on it or even buy SEO links. It is a great SEO opportunity to increase the traffic to your site.


If you realize the true potential of these points, your website is sure to get a huge boost and a lot of traffic.

Erick Lima Azevedo

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