Factors That Impact The Cost of SEO

As Search Engine Optimization continues to grow, there is a lot of debate on what is the right kind of pricing for outsourced SEO Services. The cost of SEO ranges from free services by professionals to sky-high prices charged by SEO agencies. So how does one know whether outsourcing SEO is cost-effective?

Search Engine Optimization is a service and not a product. Hence, the cost of SEO services depends on what the agencies think is profitable for them. Some SEO professionals and agencies provide tool-based SEO. Others provide SEO services based on the customized needs of the client’s website. Thus, the time, effort and personal attention that the SEO of a site requires determines the cost of the service.

Besides the kind of service provided, the nature of your business will also affect the cost of SEO. There are many factors in your business that can determine the cost of SEO:

1. How competitive is your market on the Internet: It is easier to increase the ranking of a niche business in a non competitive environment. If your business is a niche one then the time and effort spent on increasing the ranking is reduced, thus bringing down the cost of SEO. However, if your business or market is not very well known on the internet, then other forms of advertising and marketing will be required to get the business known. On the other hand, if your market is a competitive one, then it may require more effort to get the rankings going. This can affect the cost of SEO.

2. The popularity of the keywords that you want to use: Keywords that are very common and popular have high competition. If many people are searching for a particular keyword, then it is obvious that many people are selling the particular product or service. Ranking for such keywords takes more time and effort on the part of the agency. This can impact the cost of the SEO services.

3. The age of your organization: Search engines favor websites that are old and well established in the market. Hence, it is easier to make such websites rank better. This can reduce the cost of SEO.

4. The size of your website: Normally, a large website means more content. This should ideally make it easier for your website to rank in search results. However, more pages also means more content to optimize. This in turn needs more time, effort and personal attention. This can increase the cost of search engine optimization services. Also, search engines are favorable towards sites that focus on only one thing. A large site that offers just one thing will rank better in search results than a large site that offers too many things.

5. The simplicity of your website: Search engines like simple HTML websites. Many people use complicated web technologies to make their site look attractive. This makes it difficult for search engines to index the sites. The SEO of a website that is not search engine friendly can take a lot of time and effort and increase the cost of the service.


Peter Thompson: Peter, a futurist and tech commentator, writes about emerging technology trends and their potential impacts on society.

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