“Not Okay” Thought After Watching The Film

“Not Okay” tells the story of Danni sanders (played by Zoey Deutch). She is a aimless and ambitious writer with no friends, no romantic prospects and, worse still, no followers. She faked a visit to Paris that was friendly with instagram, hoping to increase her social media influence. When a terrible event attacks the city of light, Dani accidentally falls into a bigger lie than she imagined. She “returns” a hero, and even establishes an unlikely friendship with Ron (MIA ISAAC), a survivor of the school shooting who is committed to social change, and finds her dream lover Colin (Dylan O’Brien). As an influencer and advocate, Dani finally has the life and audience she has always wanted. But it was only a matter of time before the surface cracked. She realized with difficulty that the Internet likes to be dismantled. Click here to watch Not Okay movie online free, and you can also Watch Romance Movies Online Free.

Zoey Deutch and Dylan O’Brien starred in the comedy not okay. Previously, he worked together in the gangster drama the output. Deutch and O’Brien reunited for a very different film. As early as August, it began to attract attention. Because of the reaction of fans to O’Brien’s blonde hair and fake tattoos, not okay is described as the story of a young woman (played by Deutsch). She seeks fame and friends in the wrong attempt, and finally pretends to travel to Paris. She hopes that this trip will enhance her influence on social media. However, a terrible event occurred in the real world and became part of the false travel. Her white lie became a moral dilemma, giving her all the attention she wanted.. In all respects, this comedy does not seem to have an easy to support protagonist.

Not Okay Review

“Not Okay” is very sharp when describing the absurdity of the transaction. But this film is also frustrating, because we want to see at least one sign that Dani can evolve or change. Dear Evan Hansen, “meet the mean girl” – an increasingly rare contemporary comedy with great concepts, funny jokes, strong messages about trauma and the use of reputation, and sharp execution. Shepard has a great cast, played by Zoey Deutch as Danny Sanders, who brings depth to a shallow character who is really trying to redeem. The film may convey some old and boring ideas about eliminating cultural and social humiliation, but it ultimately successfully interprets modern Internet culture.


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