What is The Way of Combining Two or More Photographs?

We are going to combine two photographs here using Microsoft Photo Editor that comes for free with Windows and known as Microsoft Paint. In MS Paint, you have many features, and one of the easy and fast features is to merge images. You will also be able to merge if your image files are of different size and in any format.

Open Your Image with Paint

Open the image in your MS Paint. You can right click on the image file and click on the open option and select Paint option from there.

Second Image

Begin by situating the Past button on your display. It rests on the menu bar as well as is rather very easy to locate. Beneath it is a down facing arrow sign, which you should click over. There you will be a list of options. You need to select Paste From, and the Windows file explorer will show up. Now all you are required to do is find the second image from its location on your disk drive and choose it. It will promptly get pasted above the initial image.

Setting Second Picture

You require to ensure the second image is well placed before you start to merge both photos. To rearrange the second image, click it as well as drag it around the window until you put it in its preferred position. You could, as an example, leave it above the initial image or relocate to the left or right of the first picture. You can additionally resize it by clicking the edge or corner of the picture.

Combine Photo

Now click the Save As button on the food selection bar and the images will be merged and get saved as a new image.

If you want to know more about photo merging, please click on the link https://skylum.com/how-to/how-to-combine-pictures.


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