How to do familiar vape tricks without any risk?

Nowadays people are involved in vape tricks because it turns a sub-culture in the world of vaping. Vape tricks are entertaining to watch and they enjoy the way of doing smoke rings. Things to need for vape tricks are good box mod and quality atomizer for clouds. We get more information about vape tricks and methods from the real vapers. In the various vape forms, vape tricks jellyfish is more attractive and impressive trick than other vape tricks. 

A simple way to get a jellyfish vape tricks

  • Firstly, take a good hit of vapor from your device and then blowing a large single O.
  • Secondly, place your hand behind the O and slightly bend it. 
  • Next, take another hit and slowly exhale some vapor via the center of the o ring. 
  • Eventually, the second puff of vapor pulls and the first o vapor ring around it looks like the jellyfish shape.

Things and process of jellyfish vape tricks 

The jellyfish is based on the ring you make. Rings of smoke must be strong and the need for forwarding speed is too fast. The ring must be pushed out by hand because the clouds’ e-cigarette makes a stream. Don’t push it up, if you push it up and you cannot able to do second puff to make a jellyfish. When you need a vape jellyfish, the main aspect is to keep your face close to the smoke ring. But you can move slowly to it. On the first puff, then gently squeeze out the second puff to it. It’s best to blow enough clouds to pump up the jellyfish. Typically, doing vape rings from lung to mouth, then the ring will fuller and thicker. We use the only mouth to do a vape ring, and it will appear so nicely. The jellyfish shape depends on the wind around you. For experience more, use a black background with lighting.

How to do French Inhale vape tricks?

French inhale is the basic smoking trick also called Irish waterfall. How to French inhale vape is a dense cloud of smoke that leaves your mouth and rises up into your nose. Take a large puff of smoke and keep the smoke it on your mouth and slowly open your mouth to release the smoke and finally, put out your bottom lip to throw the smoke upward.


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