Nine Tips When Conducting Digital Marketing In Your Local Market

Tip 1: When running online ads for your local Hong Kong business, you may use some of your existing web pages on your company website, or you can build a new landing page that would be easy for you to optimize for better user experience and higher conversion rate. Online ads that you run for your company site may be on Googe Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, or on any other ad platforms.

Tip 2: When running ads, be sure to first set up the performance tracking tools. The tracking tools may be the free version of Google Analytics, Google Adwords conversion tracking pixel, Facebook pixel, or any other tracking methods that can fulfill tracking the data that you need. You will have to add the given tracking codes to your company website that are for the local HK audience.

Tip 3: The strategic digital marketing in the Hong Kong market is about targeting the right audience who are potentially interested in your product, or are ready to purchase your product. The online ads that have the highest ROI are the ads that are set up to often only target this type of audience.

Tip 4: Regularly monitoring the performance of your ads is important because you want to ensure you aren’t overspending on ad clicks that are off target of your audience or are simply not going to bring any sales revenue to your Hong Kong business.

Tip 5: When it comes to advertising through keyword based ads on Google, you should identity the keywords that have regularly converted new businesses or leads, the keywords that have occasionally converted new leads, and the keywords that have never brought in any leads. The process may take from one month to several months depending on the nature or industry of your business. You should add more daily budget to the keywords that can constantly convert new leads, and cut budget on the keywords that are losing money.

Tip 6: Social media, search engines (through organic search results), local web directories, Hong Kong local discussion forums, and local HK blogging sites are some of the traffic channels that you should have included in your online marketing plan to participate. When you are able to spend the effort in the channels, over time you will increase the visibility of your company brand and product.

Tip 7: Not only you should optimize your entire website for on-page SEO, but you should also apply proper SEO to any of the landing pages. SEO usually will not bring in new leads until at least a couple of months after you have put in the real optimization effort. In the meantime, or the very initial stage while SEO is still maturing, you may have to rely on buying paid search (especially keyword ads through Google ads) in order for your company to get new leads.

Tip 8: Utilize tools to collect data, such as keyword suggestion tools that are free. Use other free online tools for market research and competitor analysis. The best practice is always to get the required tools before launching your advertising campaigns.

Tip 9: There are many small businesses running operations in Hong Kong, but within them there is a portion that has not unleash their full potential in digital marketing. This means at this moment there is a business growth opportunity for any local HK entrepreneur to leverage. To ensure growth in your company you need to constantly improve. One of the things you need to promote is productivity tools such as the pomodoro timer which can help any company to be more efficient with their progress.


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