Who are opportunistic hackers? What can they do?

Opportunistic hackers can be extremely harmful. Opportunities are something everyone looks forward to. One small mistake can eventually lead to severe grave errors. While some can be really positive, some opportunities may force you to make mistakes you never thought would do.

In the case of opportunistic hackers, they will look for ways to steal all the private and professional knowledge of the business. Often it is a dismissed employee who tries to look out for opportunities through which they can attack the concerned person. The opportunistic hackers can cause a lot of problems; the most common one is blocking access to the system.

The involvement of a third-party vendor into your entire system can prove to be extremely harmful. They can cause various serious problems. The data breach usually occurs when one is granted too much access to the system. One of the most useful things to note about the opportunistic hackers is that they do not attack your system on purpose, but their involvement in some way or the other can lead to grave dangers.

Who are the opportunistic hackers?

To know who are the opportunistic hackers, it is necessary to understand the types of cyberattacks. These cyber-attacks usually vary from one to another. There are two most common types of cyberattacks

Targeted attacks: Also referred to as focused attacks, the main difference with the targeted attacks is that they target one specific person. The targeted attacks aren’t random, but something that has been planned thoroughly, and there is enough research about the victims before launching the attack.

Opportunistic attacks: Unlike the targeted attacks, these attacks do not target anyone. But the attackers look for the different vulnerabilities and weaknesses so that they can carry out an attack.

Ransomware attacks are one of the most commonly reported attacks. The victims are usually targeted, and their positions are targeted.

Small mistakes can eventually give way to these opportunistic hackers for breaking into your system. One needs to have a robust password to prevent these attacks. Once the hacker gains access to your system, they will eventually harm the overall system and may misconfigure the entire thing, thereby stealing data.

To prevent the hacking activities from happening, one needs to keep a close check on the user activity. This can bring about benefits such as

  • Maintained transparency in data access
  • Better employee productivity
  • Preventing data leaks from happening
  • Easy way to investigate the fraudulent activities.


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