Why Is Quality Backlinks Given So Much Attention?

It’s a widely known fact that one of the most important strategies of obtaining SEO success is through the use of Backlinks. Getting quality backlinks now becomes a major problem. One needs to have quality backlinks to increase blog exposure to be found in goggle. Before we proceed, let’s take a peep as to what a backlink is.

A backlink is said to be any hyperlink on a website that points or directs people back to your website. It’s a kind of citation, whereby someone refers to you whilst talking about something related to you or your product. It is one of the measures used by goggle to check the quality of the pages. Backlinks help your site rank well on goggle, hence they are important. 

Now we know what a backlink is, so back to the question why are backlinks so important to search engines? In previous times search engines relied solely on keyword matching. It didn’t care how good the content on the website was, or how popular it was or the niche of the website. Once a phrase on a page matched with another phrase in another page that someone is searching for, the page would appear in the SERPs. For more information visit page.

To worsen things, website owners exploited this weakness by initiating “keyword stuffing” which involves creating sites with multiple lists of keywords, filled with banner ads. The sole aim of creating these websites was to generate ad revenue. This rendered search engines worthless and reduced the usefulness of the internet. 

Goggle was the first company to harness the power of backlinks, noting the fact that the keywords included in pages is an indication of how good the site is. They discovered that it is more reliable to depend on what other people say about you on external sites than what you say about yourself. The strongest signal to ranking well on goggle remains quality backlinks. Backlinks will always remain the fundamental part of knowing how an algorithm works 

Some benefits of quality backlinks include;

  • Boost of goggle ranks– quality backlinks will pull you up the ranks, this is one of the popular benefits.
  • Drags traffic to your site –   the more the traffic, the higher the conversion rate. Your backlink generates sales for you on other sites.
  • Rights to brag- being mentioned on known blogs and sites will add some morale to you. It increases trust.


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