Why SEO became complex over time?

SEO was simple and straightforward in the past. But, people tried to trick the search engines by doing bad practices. This did great harm to the users of Google. Users found it difficult to gain access to authentic pages. The people who are working hard were lagging. Thus, there was a dire need to improve the quality of search results. Many algorithm updates were introduced to make the search engine user-friendly. Today, search engines are really smart because data science is being used. Search engines now provide accurate results. Things like history, cookies, and location are also used for providing better results to users.

What is white hat SEO?

SEO is the use of techniques to gain a higher position in search results. That can be done by ethical and non-ethical way. Doing SEO ethically and following Google guidelines comes under white hat SEO. Black hat SEO was also used in the past when people used different bad and unethical tactics for ranking. The trend of black hat SEO is declining rapidly. The reason is that Google’s search algorithm is now very smart. It can easily detect bad tactics. You will get your website penalized for this reason. Black hat SEO can give you a higher position, but that is not long-lasting. Most of the SEO specialists of today provide white hat SEO services.

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Understand the process of crawling and indexing:

Crawling is the discovery of your website by bots. These bots are made by Google, and these scan your website to gain useful information. Crawling is done even if you are using black hat SEO techniques. The crawlers provide the information to Google. After successful crawling and approval, the site is ready to be indexed. This is the step after which your website is displayed in Google search results. Some permission can make your site non-indexed. You can use Google Search Console to avoid non-indexing. In several cases, you want some pages not to show up in search results. For this purpose, you should avoid indexing for those pages.

Hiring a company can make the whole process easy:

A specialist SEO company can provide you with amazing results in no time. The harrisburg SEO company is one of the successful SEO companies in the market. Their team provides SEO services for variety of purposes. With more than 15 years of experience and 90% client satisfaction, they have outshined their competitors. It is recommended that you try out their services. After that, relax and turn on analytics to see the boost in traffic as well as in sales.


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